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Mahindra FURIO Launched, With A Guarantee Of Higher Profits!

| Published on January 30, 2019

Mahindra Truck and Bus officially launched the new Furio range of intermediate commercial vehicles (ICVs) in India, yesterday. A webcast covering the event is also available on Mahindra’s website and gives in-depth knowledge about the newly launched truck.  The new truck range was actually unveiled in India last year in July 2018, and yesterday the company has officially commenced with its sale in the Indian market. Priced at ₹17.45 lakh for the Furio 12 tonne and ₹18.10 Lakh for the Furio 14 tonne, the new Mahindra Furio range has been designed by Mahindra-owned Italian design house Pininfarina, and previously, the company had claimed that it has invested about ₹600 crore in the development of this new range of intermediate trucks.

The Journey

The truck has been a really ambitious project for Mahindra and its design and development started way back in 2014. 500 engineers and 180 suppliers were involved in developing this truck. The Furio range of trucks is manufactured in the Chakan plant near Pune and these trucks are positioned below the Blazo range from Mahindra.


As per Mahindra, the trucks also offer safe, ergonomic, and comfortable cabins, which have been designed by Pininfarina.

The new Mahindra Furio trucks are powered by the company’s new MDI Tech diesel engine that churns out 138 bhp at 2400 rpm and 500 Nm of peak torque. The engine also comes with Mahindra’s FuelSmart technology to optimize fuel consumption and comes with multi-mode switches depending on the load conditions. Furthermore, the new engine has been designed to be lightweight, and have low friction in a bid to achieve higher fuel efficiency. Mahindra says the engine will offer high torque at low rpm leading to a higher performance in both inter-city and intra-city traffic conditions. Though this engine adheres to BS4 norms now, Mahindra says it will be upgraded according to BS6 requirements before the norms kick in.


As per Mahindra, the Furio trucks have been tested for over 17-lakh km. From treacherous road conditions to city roads and highways, the trucks have been tested for both high and low-speed applications. More than 1000 such tests were carried out to ensure the durability and endurance of the trucks.


The trucks are said to offer better comfort with modular sleeping berths for both the driver and co-driver and the 8-way air flow outlet keeps the cabin 5 degrees cooler. The trucks are also designed to make 60% less noise and 40% less vibrations. Mahindra is also offering 5 years or 5,00,000 km warranty and 5 years or 5,00,000 km AMC maintenance guarantee on the Furio range.

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