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Mahindra Fulfilled His Promise By Making Workplace For The ‘Shoe Doctor’

| Published on August 2, 2018

Anand Mahindra is fond of sharing creative things on his Twitter account and he often surprises people with the ideas he gets to know from his WhatsApp Gallery.


Just a few months ago he was so impressed by the marketing skills of a cobbler working in Haryana that he wished to invest in his startup.

Now, if you are guessing that we are talking about the famous shoe doctor who went viral on social media, you are absolutely correct.

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This is what Mahindra had tweeted:

He even requested his followers to help him in finding this man.

And finally, his hard work paid off. Even a kiosk was designed for him after knowing his requirements.

Now, this promise has been finally fulfilled as an amazing workplace has been set up for him which is expected to reach him soon.

Anand has shared a video showing the features this kiosk has and wrote “Remember the cobbler Narsi Ram with the innovative banner ‘Zakhmi Jooton Ka Hospital?’ Our team had contacted him & conveyed my interest to invest in him.He said he wanted a good kiosk. This is what our Design studio in Mumbai came up with:Great work guys! Will be delivered soon”

In another tweet, he expressed his gratitude and wrote: I’m looking forward to Narsi Ram Ji enjoying a new workspace.

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