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Maggi Lovers’ New Treat In Market: Maggi Chappals Worth Rs.1 Lakh

| Published on December 19, 2019

Maggi has always been every Indian’s favorite go-to, literally. But who would have thought there would be Maggi Chappals made one day?

No one in their wildest imagination would think of a term such as ‘Maggi Chappals’ and the cost would seriously burn your ears. This Italian brand has done the job!

The Maggi Chappals

These sandals are not made of Maggi Noodles but it is designed in such a way that they look exactly the same and fit your toes just right!

Bottega Veneta bought the texture of these sandals from its 2020 collection of pre-fall. The Instagram handle called ‘diet_parada’ has first shared the picture of these sandals and over 85,000 people have liked it.

It did not take much time for the users to get attracted to this pair of amazing Maggi Sandals. The shoes make you more of ‘hungry’ and develop curiosity on many levels.

People have even asked some hilarious questions such as “Are they hot waterproof?” As per reports, one pair of these shoes will cost you around Rs.1 Lakh.

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