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Madurai Restaurant Goes Viral For Making Face Mask Shaped Parottas

| Published on July 8, 2020

Coronavirus has been the center of all conversations lately. The pandemic has shaken the global economy and is not planning to slow down any time soon.

The government has been educating people to wear and face mask at all times while stepping out of the house and use hand sanitizers to control the spread of the disease.

While many people have been following the guidelines, there are a few who are not taking the pandemic seriously.

To ensure that people are more aware of the importance of wearing a face mask a restaurant in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Temple city, is making mask shaped parottas for its customers.

A video by Hindustan Times was shared on Twitter which made the restaurant the talk of the nation instantaneously.

In their own unique way, the owner of the restaurant KL Kumar said that they want to educate as many people as possible to wear a face mask and ensure safety for others as well as themselves. It was when Kumar himself saw people roaming about the city that he felt that people did not realize the severity of the disease.

Even when people visited his restaurant, many would come without a face mask. Kumar and his staff started handing out free face masks to such people and is still distributing them. And now they came up with a unique way to grab people’s attention towards face masks.

Since the video was posted on social media, people have been appreciating the initiative by the restaurant to spread awareness about the COVID19 and how to fight it.



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