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What Made Priya Varrier An Overnight Internet Sensation

| Published on February 13, 2018

Priya Prakash Varrier, a name that became nation’s new crush just in a matter of days. Her popularity can be guessed by the fact that she now has over 7 million followers on Instagram. All this happened due to the video of Oru Adaar Love which is a song from her upcoming movie received millions of views in a single day.

Why Priya Prakash Varrier went viral?

There can be many reasons for her popularity but we believe it was the combination of cute expressions and dress that did the trick. The video mainly went viral among the people born in 1990s because the 90s generation prefers cute expressions than the hot scenes. Priya made netizens to go back into the memories of school and college days when love was expressed just by eye contact. Every boy expects a girlfriend with such cuteness.

Along with her deadly expressions, it was the popularity of pages like RVCJ Media that helped her in becoming a famous internet celebrity. The video was first posted by RVCJ Media and they made sure that this video gets viral. No news channel did her story on Sunday. Valentine’s week also proved beneficial for this video. Other popular pages followed RVCJ and within 24 hours this girl was all over the internet. Another big reason was that it all happened on Sunday. Most of the Indians spend their Sundays on social media networks these days. Here is the video that made her viral:

One thing that this incident clarifies is we can’t ignore social media and communities like RVCJ media who can make anyone a star in a matter of minutes. Ours is an internet loving generation and loves to get any information through these pages rather than other sources of media because these pages are connected to everyone. RVCJ Media always tries to be transparent and honest about every latest happening.

For marketing, Brands have to accept this fact social media is a big thing promotion and these pages are the best choice. With over 14 million followers RVCJ stands above all. In addition to this, they have a regional audience too because of their dedicated pages to different regions. Having a proper target audience can do wonders for marketing and promotions.

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