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Lucknow University Offers ‘Education For Happiness’ Course To Cope With Stress

| Published on March 5, 2020

Studying in educational institutions is no longer subjected to being “boring” as the faculty systems are coming up with unique ideas and course offers in order to help students to study an interesting concern out of their regular syllabus.

We all are aware of Mumbai University’s “Introduction To Hip-Hop Studies” and Banaras Hindu University’s “Bhoot Vidya Course” and now Lucknow University has launched its “Education For Happiness” course where students will be taught how to cope with stress and materialism in daily ups and downs of life.

Education For Happiness

“Course will be optional and offered in M.Ed. It will be inter-disciplinary, so all PG students can opt for it. It will be introduced from next year after the Academic Council’s approval”, said Professor Amita Bajpai.

There have been many discussions where the topic of students not being taught about ‘understanding and handling life’s negative situations’ has emerged and considered significant. Happiness is a very important element in everyone’s life and maintaining as well as stabilizing it is something we all lack.

“Children are looking for happiness in the wrong places, their concept of happiness is false. Happiness comes from within but they look for it in the material world. We want to tell them the real concept of happiness and familiarise them with its Indian concept”, the professor added.

The optional course will provide knowledge of how the happiness is found inside and not through other people or materialism. It will also focus on how to deal with pressure of exams, career and personal issues.

We think the idea is amazing. The class would be a delight and sigh of relief from the day’s tough schedule to the students. What is your opinion? Tell us in the comment section.
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