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Low Rated Uber Rider? You Might Lose Access To Uber App!

| Published on February 1, 2019

Are you a low rated Uber user? Does your passenger rate show up to less than 3 stars? Well! if that is the case you better watch out. You are most likely to lose your uber traveling access. Wondering how and why? Read further to know more!

For all those who have no clue, Uber app contains a section wherein drivers rate their passengers quite like we rate them to post our uber ride. When our Uber rides are constantly rated low, Uber will now take the initiative to remove our access from Uber apps for best results.

Now, this might be bad news for a number of people but the good news awaits too.

Uber ensures driver safety

These days safety has become essential and Uber recognizes it which is why they have come up with a list of precautions to help drivers stay safe. There are three parts of the safety update by uber. This one is for the Uber drivers who desire to share their trip details with loved ones. So now quite like their passengers, even they can do the same. In this way, drivers can ensure their safety too and their families can keep a track on their location to keep away from all the stress.

Another good news revolves around drivers utilizing emergency buttons to ensure safety while driving. These emergency buttons can be used to ensure speed limit and keep it in check.

This news is bringing out overwhelming joy to a plethora of drivers who find relief in this. Many also feel that this is one of the best methods to uplift mutual respect between the rider and driver.

Prabhjeet Singh’s statement about the new uber driver safety scheme

Prabhjeet Singh who is the Head of Cities, India, and South Asia, said that it is very difficult to have uber without uber driver partners and continued, “There can be no Uber without driver partners – they are at the center of Uber’s business. The national roll-out of an emergency button and the ‘share trip feature’ reiterates our commitment to their safety,” he said.

The updated guidelines extend the same behavioral standards to the riders that Uber has for the driver partners… these guidelines will help us to foster mutual respect between riders and drivers,” Prabhjeet added to his statement.

This is some great news for drivers who arrive home late at night to make sure they do their duty properly. This displays the affection Uber owners are steadily increasing for their drivers and how they are managing to uplift their skills and safety.

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