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A Low Cost Business Idea That Can Fetch You Millions!

| Published on August 23, 2017

A Low Cost Business Idea That Can Fetch You Millions!

Are you ready for a low cost business idea that as the name suggests, requires less funding and fetches you more profit? Growing a business is not easy. One needs both short term and long time goals. A short time goal for a long time business sometimes gives a double profit at the end of the year. So here we present before you an idea that can work wonders.

Selling water to thirsty people is always a business idea that never fails. Yes, I repeat it never does! You can set up a stall near any event and start the business. Generally, it can turn out to be a short time business but can become a long time also depending on situations.

No doubt this is a perfect idea for several people who think to make money by investing less. So here we list for you some guidelines you need to follow for the success. So let’s start!

1. Day One

Know the place well where you want to start from. Any festival, concerts or parks might be the ideal position to hit the thirsty audience. Go to a supermarket and buy a cartoon of water; start with less number of 35 packs maybe. This might cost almost Rs. 3,500 if each pack costs about Rs.100 and then buy some ice packs too.


Sell per bottle 12 rupees and you will save more than you spent if each pack has 10 bottles. Each pack will give you 1200 so 35 cartoon costs 4200 INR. See you made a profit there!

2. Day Two

It’s time to hit a larger crowd and thus check on whatever permissions you need for setting up the legal business. Buy a new cooler with the profit made last day and save the rest amount for buying another pack of bottles This time more and you are sure to sell them all. Increase a bit of price even if by rupee 1 if you need to, understand the situation.

A thirsty crowd will pay anything for a drop of water.

3. Day Three

Now a bigger event. You can make a banner too with some of your money and then can also buy few more coolers. Increase the number of packs and bottles. You might sell almost thousands of bottles making as much profit.

ice and water bottles

If you sell at least 5000 bottles you can make as much as 60k.

4. Day Four

From now on there will be only profit. It might be a good idea to hire a helper or two at this point to keep things running smoothly and serve as many customers as possible. Don’t invest much so that you might drain out.

Look on for competitions if any!

This might not be a whole time business but might set the right tone for you if you want to be an Entrepreneur. Also, it might raise funds for something big that you are thinking about!

So next time a festival or some concert comes up don’t forget to help out the thirsty people!

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