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Love Traveling? Here Are The Best Professions Just Made For You

| Published on December 25, 2018

Travelling has become an expensive passion these days. However, the path to living your passion is not impossible anymore. With these new and trending career options, traveling becomes complementary to your job.

1) Wedding Photographer

Noticed how Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding took Photographer Mark Swaroop to Lake Como, Italy? Yes, not only does this career pay, it automatically finances one’s traveling desires to the prettiest and grandest of places.

2) ‎Pilot

Flying from one place to another doesn’t stop one from taking a step back to explore. Be it within India or those trips to foreign lands, once you step out of that plane, it’s An Adventure of a lifetime.

3) ‎Cabin Crew

Don’t want it to be a monotonous job? Then go for those walk in or professional courses for a Cabin crew certification. Visit new places with your co-workers, adore those landscapes and make work feel like home.

4) Tour Guide

Join a travel agency or work as an independent, is a choice to make. This allows you to take a small group of people to multiple places of value and show off some of that travel skill.

5) ‎Sales

A sales executive is responsible for ground-level work and desk work too. It is a simple opportunity to visit offices in multiple domains of work in various countries.

6) ‎Consultant

A consultant in an MNC travels to their various client offices as ‘onsite’ work. Traveling at your company’s expense allows you to go on the cultural and self-discovering journey multiple times.

7) ‎ Personal to any Celebrity

Be it personal assistant, make-up artist, chef or stylist, a celebrities job takes you places. Visit the Heathrow airport or do adventure sports in Budapest without paying a single penny!

8) ‎Merchant Navy

If Service to the country and staying close to the sea are workable in your books, then have perks of good food, lavish stays and an integrated friendly company right in your hands. With multiple activities and plenty of personal space, traveling never stops.

9) Reporter

In case storytelling, observing and journalism can be called your talents then give this challenging job a try. From political to cultural news, it can you take from Delhi to Rajasthan in a single night. A freelance journalist or on-site news reporter is what you would be called.

10) Engineer or Executive

This might sound a little haywire at first but you can utilize your management or technical degree to join an MNC and travel to their different branches for official duties.

Don’t wait up now! You have the will and we’ve given you to the way to go!

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