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Louis Vuitton Launches Luxury Bike For Rs 20 Lakhs

| Published on September 3, 2021

Luxury fashion brands have been competing to be the best in the industry. There are many leading brands that take the place at the top interchangeably. And to make sure that they are in the lead, these luxury brands are known to launch something way absurd.

However, it seems that Louis Vuitton has decided to make things more competitive.

As per the recent news, LV is now selling a range of urban bikes which are priced between £20,200 and £22,900, which roughly calculates to Rs 20,00,000. These premium bicycles are available in red, blue, black, and yellow colors which one can buy through the brand’s online store.

Louis Vuitton designed these bikes with the help of Maison Tamboite, an artisan bike-maker from Paris that’s known for infusing French craftsmanship and Parisian chic into its bikes since 1912.

To talk about the features of this luxurious product, the bikes come with disc brakes that are mechanical and the gearing is courtesy of a 2-speed crank. The rims and mudguards are made of tinted wood and there’s a GPS tracking chip underneath the saddle. This can come in handy if unfortunately, your prized possession gets stoled.

The post with all details has been shared on our social media handles.

Ever since we posted about the bike, people have had some of the most hilarious reactions. While some are shocked to learn about the sky-high price while others are looking this as a new trend that other luxury brands can adopt.

What do you think? would you want to buy this luxury bike for yourself?

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