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Look How This Man Made $10 Million Playing Video Games

| Published on January 7, 2019

Wherever you go on the internet, there are always these Ads that say work from home and earn this stipulated amount of money. And mostly it is a hoax or unlawful. Stuff like these are mostly phishing sites or Pyramid scheme. But what I am going to talk about here is so contrary to them.

What I will be describing here is the life of a gamer. His name is Tyler Blevins. He goes by the name “Ninja” on Twitch. What Ninja does is play Fortnite: Battle Royal and streams it on Twitch for his followers. And how many followers does Ninja have? More than 12.5 million on Twitch and more than 20 million on YouTube. And yes, Tyler made $10 million in 2018.

So how does he do it?

Well, he rose to fame in March of 2018 when he broke Twitch’s viewership record by streaming himself and the famous rapper Drake playing Fortnite. After that, he successfully broke most Twitch records like the all-time concurrent viewers’ record and became the first Twitch streamer to cross the 10 million followers mark.

His basic idea for earning his green are advertisements. With the number of followers he has who would definitely continue watching his streams, Twitch created a nice market for Ads. And this was utilized and hence most of his earnings is through Ads on his streams. Apart from that, Video game tournaments and his sponsors like Red Bull and Samsung also add value to his fortune.

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Climbing up the ladder

In September, he was the first VideoGamer to have been featured on the cover of ESPN’s magazine. In the same month, Samsung hosted a Fortnite gaming event where the winner would get a chance to play with Tyler Blevins and rapper Travis Scott in a squad.

All in all, even though competitive Gaming is rising and more people want to make a living out of it, with all the competition and hard work, gaming is still a better work from home job than those Internet hoaxes. Don’t you think?

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