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Look How Kurkure Dealt With The Rumours Of Their Product Containing Plastic!

| Published on July 5, 2017

We are well aware about the rumours related to Kurkure. We have heard the words going around that a Kurkure catches fire because of presence of plastic in its composition.

But Kurkure took a step to confront their consumers with this fact. Keeping in mind the role of aunties in spreading rumours in our society, they took the help of Pammi Aunty for the ad. Aunties always have keen eye and ears searching for news. So kurkure grabbed in the loud Pammi aunty to voice their words.

What Is The Video About?

Pammi aunty is seen receiving a call. She is over dramatic as always. As Sarla Behnji complaints about Pammi Aunty having a lip job, she gets furious and starts yelling at her punjabi accent. She explains that she is just chilling at home while eating Kurkure. Then comes the next question towards her. Sarla behenji says that she heard Kurkure contains plastic. To that Pammi aunty replied,”“Bhenjhi tusi teh phir vi science padhi hai, bhenjhi jedhi cheez vich starch hondha hai unhe jal ke teh kaala hona he hai..kurkure vich te daal, corn, te chawal hondene…”

Glimpses From The Ad

Pammi aunty is one of the well known witty You tube character enacted by actor Ssumier Pasricha. His videos are very sarcastic and features rants of aunties and gossips.

Ssumier Pasricha

This is a very witty venture from Kurkure to come up and face their consumers and choose such a new way to make their content go viral. This is perfect combination of wit and logic.

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