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Look How HP India’s Smart Printing App Solves Last Minute Homework Problems

| Published on August 21, 2017

For children, homework is like a monster and they always try running away from it. However, there seems to be no escape from the same. There are many who complete their homework at the 11th hour, which then leads to the poor parents running around grasping at straws to get things done.

HP is another name for INNOVATION and here it comes with its HP Smart App, which proves to be a parent’s best friend in case of last moment homework completions. HP has perfectly explained the effectiveness of this solution through a video which showcases a school kid struggling with his last-minute homework completion and how this app solves his problem.

Brilliant video marketing by HP!

What Is It About?

HP has come up with a “Simple” and “Sweet” video that efficiently conveys the message to the target audience. The ad revolves around a cute 8-year-old boy “Laddoo” who always manages to stretch his homework until the last moment. At the end, it’s his parents who keep slogging themselves to get his homework completed; from running after school bus to practically doing it at the bus stop, his parents do every possible thing! However, at the end, he misses out on “Family Tree” project but his parents find a perfect solution this time. Thanks to HP Ink Advantage AIO Printer, a parent’s best friend, which helps them in a jiffy.

The YouTube description reads: This is the kahaani of our sweet Laddoo, his parents didn’t know what to do
Homework yaad aata tha usse Last Minute pe, but one fine day, all their worries flew!

The Back Drop

The best thing about HP is that it prioritizes research and comes up with products according to the demands of the market. The company carried out various campaigns and interviewed parents of 5-8-year-olds, so as to get an insight into their daily life problems. HP Smart app and wireless printing technology is something that parents would love to own!

For every “Oh I forgot” problem, there’s this smart solution. With this printer, homework will be “Fatafat” and it won’t leave parents in a tizzy.


This all in one printer is not only easy to use but is equally light on pockets too! It’s “Affordability” factor makes it stands ahead of its other competitors.

The mobile connectivity requires the users to download the HP app and they’re set. It is supremely easy to use and makes life very convenient. High-quality printing and scanning is the main “Plus point”. Don’t worry about file formats as it is supportive of many including JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc. The model size is 425 x 304 x 149 mm which makes it compact. It prints 260 black or 100 colour pages in one go. The kit contains the printer, two cartridges, power cord and USB cords, software CD, and a setup poster.

This is available on several e-commerce shopping platforms like Flipkart and Amazon India at a reasonable price.

So go grab yours and get rid of all your last minute woes!


o Creative Team: Ritu Sharda, Josy Paul
o Planning Team: Gireesh Gupta, Rubina Ahmed
• Production house: Soda Films
• Director of the TVC: Rajesh Krishnan
• HP: Ayesha Durante, Deepti Dang, Kanika Puri
• PHD: Amit Duggal, Anuj Madan, Arpita Ghosh, Arun Bhardwaj
• Details of the production house: Soda Films

Sponsored by HP india

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