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Look How Dr. Lal Path Labs Billboard Was A Huge Mistake And Created Jokes Around Social Media

| Published on July 31, 2017

Mistakes have become too common nowadays. Starting from billboard mistakes to celebrities doing mistakes while tweeting always makes a headline and later gets trolled on the social media.

With millions of people watching every step minutely nowadays, spelling and grammar errors and mentioning wrong names of individuals to congratulatory messages have become quite an affair nowadays. Then follows the memes and the quirky taglines creating a wave of humour around the nation. How many times have you passed a billboard and noticed an error and laughed harder? Must be millions of times!

This time it was Dr. Lal Path Labs that created a blunder in their billboard. In the hoarding, a female doctor is seen checking the X-ray of an individual to detect his disease. Besides that, there are a whole lot of services listed that the path lab gives to its customers. If you look once into this poster, everything seems fine and good but if you look minutely, there’s a serious problem!

Have a look!


Didn’t get it?

Look at the way the lady doctor holds the X-ray! It’s in reverse! Might be their doctor has got some superpower to read X-rays in reverse!

As trolls get viral nowadays faster than an ambulance, thus came the instant tweet from an account named Garal Kanth who seems to have witnessed the hoarding on the road and clicked the mishap. In a jiffy, this got noticed and people started tweeting with funny taglines tagging Dr. Lal Path Labs. Later, Dr. Lal Path Labs too noticed this blunder and replied,

“We have also seen it. We apologize for this inconvenience and all such hoardings have been removed with immediate effect.”

This hoarding is already becoming viral and is noticed in the roads of Kolkata.

Have a look at some of the twitter reactions:

To err is human and to laugh on it a bit is not that bad! Next time hope they hire some doctor for advertising!

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