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Lizol Highlights The Need For Germ Protection In Kitchen

| Published on June 11, 2019

Lizol, World’s leading germ protection brand, basis its research and insights has looked at creating awareness about the presence of germs on surfaces in the kitchen. Basis an internationally published research, there are over 1 crore germs in a kitchen sponge which are easily transferred, and a normal detergent or soap is not the solution for keeping the surface clean. Through a series of new TVCs, Lizol in a subtle way showcases the need for germ removal in the kitchen by highlighting that even surfaces and products, which appear clean can have germs leading to an unhygienic kitchen and home.


In a recent internal survey conducted to understand people’s perception of kitchen cleanliness across 6 cities in India among 1400 people, it was found that only 13% respondents use a germ protector to clean their kitchens. 45% respondents cleaned their kitchen surface with plain water, while 42% used ordinary soap. The data shows higher chances of cross-contamination since bacteria and germs are not removed this way.

The survey found that more than 70% respondents suffered from a stomach ailment once every six months and more than 50% Indians claimed the source of their infection could be from their own kitchen. The survey found that only 18% of the respondents cleaned their kitchen surfaces at regular intervals and over 83% respondents preferred using a safe germ protector in their kitchen and homes but were unaware of the right product.

Sukhleen Aneja

Commenting on the new ad campaign, Sukhleen Aneja, Marketing Director, Hygiene Home, RB South Asia, said

“It was shocking to know that a kitchen sponge might have more than 1 crore germs. We are striving to create awareness on germ-borne diseases and are constantly innovating our products for better hygiene of our consumers. Lizol’s purpose is to help consumers’ lead illness-free lives. With our Trigger range, we can successfully give our consumers a product that would not just clean but also help keep the surfaces 99.9 percent substantially germ-free, making it a healthier home.”

This campaign is created by Mc Cann. Lizol Trigger will be available in three variants- Kitchen, Bathroom and an All-purpose cleaner. The price is starting from Rs.79.
You can watch the TVC below:

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