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List Of Top 10 Voices In India 2019 Acc. To LinkedIn

| Published on December 7, 2019

India is a fast-developing economy, where social media is allowing people to come forward and voice their opinions freely and share them with the entire world. Obviously, social media brings appreciation and criticism, but platforms like LinkedIn allow big names to share their stories easily. Here are a few such people, who have been the top voices in India on LinkedIn, sharing what is right and what is needed.

1. Kiran Bedi

India’s very own retired Indian Police Officer and the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, she is known as the first woman to join the IPS. She inspires Indian women to date, talks about her day-to-day life on LinkedIn and motivates people. Her post called 6P’s of controlling crime is the example of her amazing work as a social activist.

2. Rahul Subramanian

Earlier a typical engineer turned MBA grad, Rahul Subramanian keeps his LinkedIn active and relatable. He shares quirky tales from corporate offices, allows you to send him connection requests and posts pretty appropriate comments too. A comedian by day and a LinkedIn boss at night.

3. Rekha M Menon

Her position in Accenture India as Senior Chairman and MD allows her to post relevant insights about industry trends, skillsets, innovative and disruptive thinking via her corporate experiences. She is also a part of the most influential women in India list.

4. Kunal Shah

Experienced in now two startups, Freecharge and CRED, he uses his experience and journey to give the right startup knowledge to all aspirants on LinkedIn. He not only keeps his posts practical but also allows feedback from readers, especially evident when he created a poll to get opinions regarding his own company directly on LinkedIn.

5. Divya Gokulnath

The co-founder of Byju’s, she has always been a teacher since the early age of 21, a reason behind India’s first ed-tech app’s success. Her work covers the education industry, improvements, issues, and analysis of the same on LinkedIn.

6. SadhGuru

The founder of the Isha Foundation, his posts cover spirituality, wisdom and social outreach on LinkedIn. Known to be avidly followed by individuals and corporates alike, he talks about mental health, business environments and also work-life balance to portray the value of the right society lifestyle.

7. Dr. Sangita Reddy

The daughter of the founder of Apollo Hospitals, she is known to be the most active amongst the Reddy sisters. Her role as the Joint MD of Apollo Hospitals and the Senior VP of FICCI pushes her forward and adds value to her opinion where she actively talks about technology in the healthcare sector and wellness impact on LinkedIn.

8. Sayema Rahman

A radio jockey on Radio Mirchi for more than a decade now, she explores one of the most beautiful languages out there, Urdu. She has her own ‘Urdu Ki paathsaala’ on LinkedIn where her posts are not sweet but also have a learning curve to them.

9. Harish Bhat

Known to be working in the Tata Group since 1987, he is the Brand Custodian of the Tata group. His posts actively cover all related topics regarding marketing, branding, and consumerism. He believes in minimal distractions which is also why his posts are well-sought and relevant.

10. Satyarth Priyedarshi

His association with various big start-ups like Flipkart, current position as Head of Digital Operations at Tata AIA Life insurance and as a TEDx speaker have all boosted his knowledge to make relatable posts on motivation, self -help, start-ups, digital trends, and corporate taxes.

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