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List of Top 10 Most Popular Business Courses In India

| Published on January 28, 2020

Coursera, the world’s renowned online learning platform, has released the list of the most popular courses of 2019 in India. According to that, ‘AI For Everyone’ was the most sought after online business course in India.
And AI is not only popular in India, but it has also found a place at the top of the list of the world’s most popular courses. Based on a detailed analysis of the 45 million global learners by online learning company Coursera, AI came out as the most demanded subject.

In addition to Coursera’s programme AI for Everyone, tech-centric content like Stanford’s Machine Learning and Programming for Everybody from the University of Michigan attracted the most interest from learners in India. People also enrolled in courses such as Neural Networks and Deep Learning and Introduction to TensorFlow from which are important tools for AI.

Here is the list of top ten most popular business courses in India:

“Technologies like AI will continue to be significant economic and innovation drivers in India and across the globe. As we can see, technology, data science, along with relevant business courses are also the most popular domains by enrollments on Coursera, especially among career-focused learners,” commented Raghav Gupta, Managing Director, India and APAC, Coursera.
He also noted that in India more executives and c-suite level officials have been enrolling in AI courses over the past year, realising its significant impact on business.
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