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List Of New Rules With Which Uber Is Preparing To Restart Operations

| Published on May 20, 2020

Cab sharing sector is one of the worst-hit sectors due to COVID-19 pandemic but it looks like we will see the services back on track with some modifications. Many things will be changed both for Uber customers and drivers as India slowly eases out of the lockdown. Uber has announced new safety features for riders and drivers announced recently, below are of the major points to be noted:


  • Uber has disconnected Pool services and only Uber Go, Moto and Auto will be operational.
  • It is mandatory for all drivers and riders to wear a face mask at all times during the journey. Both rider and the driver have the freedom to cancel the ride if they find the other person without a mask.
  • Drivers will have to take a selfie with a mask on and the photo will be verified by a new technology developed by Uber especially to check it.
  • All Uber drivers will have to clear an “online checklists” before starting to taking trips. They will have to confirm that they have taken all the COVID-19 safety measures. Riders will also go through a similar checklist.
  • It is mandatory for Uber drivers to disinfect the cabs before every ride. For this, the company sourced over 3 million three-ply face masks, 1.2 million shower caps, 200,000 bottles of disinfectants, and 200,000 bottles of sanitisers for free distribution to all drivers across India.
  • Drivers will have to change their PPE supplies after they complete a predetermined number of trips.

To make this function smoothly, anyone disobeying the guidelines will face strict consequences as decided by Uber.

Source: IndianExpress

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