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List Of Most-Used Car Brands In Music Worldwide

| Published on September 18, 2021

An increasing number of artist’s are using popular car names in lyrics of their songs. Cars, have been representative of power and fame since time immemorial in showbiz. And using their names in their numbers, often brings about benefits like promotions, contracts, sponsorships for the artist’s. The song’s become catchy and are recognized and even remembered better.



To know which car brand name was taken the most till now in music, car insurance comparison site, conducted some research. A list of mainstream car brands was taken from sources like Statista and Wikipedia. Priority was given to manufacturers by production levels and revenues under the premise that, more the production more is the popularity. Obscure names like Genesis, Jaguar etc. were omitted. Similarly, ambiguous artists with not much exposure were omitted too. The songs in research were limited to, considering its vast collection of songs and tunes from different regions of the world.

The brand with the greatest number of mentions

According to the study, Mercedes clinched the top spot with 16,415 songs having its name in it. Interestingly, German artist Kollegah has mentioned the brand name in 33 of his songs. Next position was taken by Lamborghini for having been name-dropped in 9,546 songs. An artist by the name Noah has mentioned the brand in 19 of his songs. American hip-hop artist’s Migos have mentioned the Bentley in 16 of their songs. Overall Bentley has been mentioned in 8474 songs.


The fourth, fifth and sixth spots were clinched by Ferrari, Porsche and BMW with 7,212, 6874 and 5,807 songs featuring their names respectively. Kollegah has mentioned Ferrari in 17 of his songs and Sidoka has included Porsche in 8 of his numbers. Another German rapper Metrickz has mentioned BMW the most.

The name Audi was the seventh most name-dropped car brand, followed by Honda. French rapper JUL has mentioned both brands the most. Tesla was placed ninth with its mention in 3,316 songs and Rolls Royce came in tenth with a total of 2,556 songs with its mention.

The artist/ brand mentioning car brands the most in their songs

JUL and Kollegah booked top spots with 113 and 112 songs having a car brand named in their songs and tunes respectively. Trio Migos and Jöí Fabü, came in third and fourth with 67 and 58 songs respectively. Lil Wayne became the fifth artist to have maximum number of songs with car brands to his credit with 58 tunes. Yvng Benj has name-dropped car brands in 46 of his songs and two artists Ngọc Sơn and Noah have mentioned car brands in 46 of their songs.

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