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List Of Countries That Gained Most Billionaires Since 2010

| Published on April 25, 2020

Forbes has recently released the names of countries which have gained the most number of billionaires in the past decade. As per the report, the number of global billionaires has tripled since 2010 and has reached 2095 in the 2020 Forbes list of World Billionaires.

Asia has emerged as the continent which has gained the most billionaires with China ruling at the top position. From 64 billionaires in 2010, the country has 389 billionaires now.

India, the country with the fourth-largest number of billionaires, saw a 108% increase from 2010, bringing the country’s 2020 total to 102 billionaires.

Out of the 20 countries & territories that have gained the most billionaires, we bring you the names of the top 10.

1. China

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 64

Billionaire Count in 2020: 389

2. United States

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 404

Billionaire Count in 2020: 614

3. Germany

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 52

Billionaire Count in 2020: 107

4. India

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 49

Billionaire Count in 2020: 102

5. Hong Kong

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 25

Billionaire Count in 2020: 66

6. Russia

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 61

Billionaire Count in 2020: 99

7. Brazil

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 18

Billionaire Count in 2020: 45

8. France

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 12

Billionaire Count in 2020: 39

9. Switzerland

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 11

Billionaire Count in 2020: 35

10. Italy

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Billionaire Count in 2010: 13

Billionaire Count in 2020: 36

However, as per the Forbes report, there are many countries whose count of billionaires has fallen drastically. Ten countries, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Belgium, and New Zealand, had a decrease in the number of billionaire citizens.

Apart from these, four other countries, Lebanon, Georgia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, have the same number of billionaires as they did in 2010.

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