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LinkedIn Survey Reveals What Millennials Look For In Their Jobs

| Published on January 27, 2020

The trends in the area of employment are evolving at a fast pace. The startups are displaying themselves in a more unique and perk-friendly way than ever before and the corporate world has taken a higher leap in respect to all the realms!

Linkedin is always noticed to be taking interest in such studies and so, it collaborated with Glint (job search platform) and ran a survey from Aug-Sep, 2019. The survey includes 7,000 professionals and HR executives and has been conducted in 35 countries and drove out some noteworthy outcomes.
linkedin study
Millennials: Those who come under the age limit of 23-38 years old. These folks’ total contribution to the world’s entire workforce is 40%.
Generation X: They are between the age limit of 39-40 years and are engaged in 33% of the world’s workforce.
Generation Z: The newbies in the corporate aged between 7-22 years.

What Do Millennials Want In A Job?

The survey reveals that higher levels of skills are acquired by Gen Z in the field of Python Programming whereas the older lot focuses more on business-related work.

Companies target becoming multigenerational in order to cover all kinds of work in the company and have a clutter of highly productive workers with them to accomplish their top goals. To achieve the same, the brands even put constant effort into upgrading their policy structure.

The Sutra To Maintain The Employees

The mantra to understand how to keep the employees begin with the focussing on WHY they leave their jobs in the first place. The main cause of the millennials to give up on their jobs is that they, somewhat, demand and eventually get higher packages.

The older ones switch jobs because along with higher pay, they seek higher challenges too. Where good paychecks and attractive perks make one joins a company, the work-life balance makes them STAY.
What is your opinion on that?

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