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LinkedIn Study Reveals The Highest Paying Cities And Industries In India

| Published on November 22, 2018

LinkedIn, that has the first time ever conducted a study on salaries in India revealed that Hardware & Networking, Software & IT Services, and The Consumer Sector are the three highest paying industries in India. And when it comes to the highest paying city, Bengaluru takes a clean sweep followed by Mumbai and Delhi.

The hardware & networking job on an average pay about 15 lakhs annually, software jobs fetch around 12 lakhs per annum whereas consumer jobs get 9 lakhs.

Hardware & Networking

It’s not the traditional hardware jobs that pay high salaries, but those which are in a more specialized segment like chip designing and new age networking. Shivananda Koteshwar, Head of Design R&D at Synopsys India said, “ In the area of very large scale integration, salaries have exploded because of a lot of chip design implementation has moved to India. VLSI is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining hundreds and thousands of transistors or devices into a single chip. Due to this demand, the salaries of physical design engineers that stood at about 3 times the number of years of their experience today stands at 4.5 to 5 times.”

Top Five Highest Paying Cities

Average Compensation Offered


Rs. 11, 67,337


Rs. 9,03,929


Rs. 8,99,486


Rs. 8,45,574


Rs. 6,30,920

Software Segment

In the software segment, the new digital technologies have opened lot of avenues and are offering handsome pay packets. Those with knowledge of AI and machine learning are amongst the highest paid. Domain expertise like medical, finance, engineering etc also help getting better salaries. For example, an AI programmer with a biomedical engineering background who has a chance to build the next-gen medical devices stands a better chance of grabbing a higher salary.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods segment may not be where it used to be, but for the b-school grads, this segment still offers the best possible opportunities. It is one of the most dynamic segments and hence offering competitive salaries to the prospects becomes very important.

Top 10 Highest Paying Sectors

Average Compensation Offered

Hardware & Networking

Rs 14,72,671

Software & IT Services

Rs. 12,05,341

Consumer Goods

Rs. 9,95,161


Rs. 9,59,789


Rs. 9,47,339

Corporate Services

Rs. 9,37,583


Rs. 8,30,285


Rs. 8,14,588

Real Estate

Rs. 7,82,871

Media & Communications

Rs. 7,15,148

Well, times are looking slightly better for the aspiring youth and choosing the right career and can surely take them places.

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