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LinkedIn Launches ‘Top 10 Startups To Work For’ India List 2019

| Published on September 11, 2019

Want to work for a start-up after your graduation? Confused, which start-up will be the best choice? Don’t worry, LinkedIn has come to your rescue.

From full-time jobs to internships, LinkedIn is a one-stop solution for fresh out of college graduates to well-settled businessmen. LinkedIn provides you a platform to connect to employers looking for potential candidates for a particular job role and vice versa

In a recent survey, LinkedIn rated the top start-ups of India on four fronts: employment growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent.

Here is a list of top 10 start-ups by LinkedIn which has opened up numerous jobs in the past year.

1. OYO Hotels and Homes

OYO Hotels and Homes has been ranked as the top start-up of India for the second time. Making its reach far and wide, up to China, OYO has achieved great success despite going through a lot of struggles.

It is also the largest such website in India.

2. Cure.Fit

Ranked in the second position, Cure.Fit hit the headlines when it became the first start-up to announce a launch in Kashmir after Article 370 was scrapped. The workshop works in the health and wellness industry and has managed to score $100 million in annual revenue within three years of its commencement.

3. TapChief

TapChief has taken the third position. It takes the responsibility of taking care of employment and connects businesses and individuals with ‘solopreneurs’ or experts.

4. Razorpay

Razorpay takes the fourth position in the list. It takes care of the payment related operations on behalf of its clients. This allows Acme to create and manage payments for its sub-merchant.

5. Bounce

This bike rental platform, Bounce has been able to rank as one of the top start-ups of the nation. This pickup and drop anywhere app has been able to save people from immense traffic.

6. Playment

Playment is a fully managed Human Intelligence platform which helps businesses offload large scale data operations to managed workforce. This platform has been ranked as the sixth top start-up.

7. Rivigo

The logistics start-up, Rivigo is Gurugram based. It was founded with the idea of creating a relay truck model, where no driver would drive for more than four-five hours at a stretch and would return home the same day.

8. Acko

Acko General Insurance is a private sector general insurance company in India. It follows an online-led model and hence all operations for the company are offered through the digital platform.

9. mfine

In a country where there’s only one doctor for every 1,700 people. mfine is an on-demand healthcare service that provides users consultation with reputed hospitals and doctors, without having to physically visit the hospital. mfine has been ranked as the ninth top start-up.

10. InterviewBit

InterviewBit is a platform to learn skills that you need for technology jobs. It helps you polish your skills and get ready for the job, whether you are a fresh college graduate or a working professional. This platform has been ranked the tenth best start-up in the country.

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