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What Is It Like To Earn Rs 6 Crore Per Year In India? This Quora Answer Will Let You Know!

| Published on August 28, 2017

India has 1835 diverse career profiles but obviously, it depends on location, skills and many other factors to get a satisfying job and satisfying bank balance.

E-Commerce, Finance Sectors, Technology and IT Sectors and Startups have increased their marginal hiring a lot according to latest trends. As per the Economic Survey 2016-17, the Indian economy should grow between 6.75 and 7.5 per cent in FY 2017-18. Indian economy improvement started back in 2015. But how does it feel like to be a millionaire and how is that possible?


Well, success is not a one-day thing. To be successful and earn such a huge amount one ha to get the skills and know the market. Only a perfect marketing strategy and brand equity can make that possible for a businessman in India.

This Quora answer might say you why! Nowadays there’s no better platform than Quora to share one’s views and other people getting advice. This man shares one of his instances of interviewing a millionaire. Look what he said!

The Question

What is it like to earn Rs.60 million per year in India?

The Answer

Me – Your businesses sir?

Sir – I have two Petrol Pumps, six franchise garment showrooms in three different Malls, Car repair garage, Real Estate firm, two restaurants, Transportation & logistics firm, Car showroom, woolen factory, Theater and few more.

Me – How you manage all of them at one time?

Sir – I keep myself updated with new technologies. CCTV Camera is installed at every place. Payments and salaries are paid by me, all by net-banking. Three managers work under me, whom I have allotted the work. They directly contact me whenever any problem occurs. I try to visit each place at least once a week.

Me – From where you started? I mean so many businesses.

Sir – I started with one business. Made profit from it. Then invested in another and then another. This keeps on going. All this took me 10 years. I am still interested in investing other sectors and keep thinking about them every day.

Me- How much you make every year after deducting all taxes?

Sir- Around 5 Crore. Income of businessman is never fixed. Roughly I make 40L per month. Profit can be more but I keep investing. The truth is I don’t count money. I just keep the track of it.

Me – How is life, earning so much and spending it?

Sir – I go on three foreign trips every year. Each in Diwali, Summer, and Christmas. Two of them with family and one with friends. My year ends with Sunburn Goa. I keep giving a bonus to employees for their trust and believing me. I am not party freak or addicted to anything, though my children are.

Me – How much property and Vehicles you have?

Sir – I have two Farm-house, two bungalows, four Flats, ten Trucks (For Transportation business), six cars and few Two-Wheelers.

Me – How about your family? How they spend this money?

Sir – My son has his own Credit Card. He has a bike and a Car. Now since I own petrol pump, clothing shop, Car showroom and garage, restaurant and theater, he never complains. For rest of the things, I don’t say No. I just keep track of his expenses. I have strictly ordered him to make every payment above Rs 500 by credit card. So that I can know his whereabouts. About my wife, I have no idea. She spends or saves, I never interfere. All I can say is, the brand’s my wife use, I don’t know about them. Only when I google I come to know about them.

I love doing business!
Spending part is secondary.


1 – I even don’t remember the other few businesses he told me.

2 – This is a person whom I meet with a view point of Investor for some business. Here is small tiny part of that conversation.


1- He started with garments business which was followed by Transportation & real estate ( the major reason behind his success).
2- His earning is not more than this because even he makes mistakes and losses at times. The good part is that he never fire any of his employees even if that business has negative returns but he simply transfers them to other business and then shut it down.

That’s too much for the day! Pheww!

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