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LG & Whirlpool Used Same Stock Image For Diwali Ad in Same Newspaper On Same Day

| Published on October 19, 2019

Diwali is a popular festival among Indians. The festive season around Diwali gives a huge business too electronic brands such as LG & Whirlpool. This is the reason why we see brands paying heavily for advertising during the season.

The ads of two major brands in India- LG and Whirlpool has landed them in controversies for using same stock image in their Advertisements. Interestingly, both used same medium- Times of India newspaper to advertise at same time. The picture showing a happy family was used by LG with headline: “India’s Largest TV Manufacturer, Now India’s Most Trusted Television Brand” and by Whirlpool with headline “Golden Diwali Offer” with the strapline, “Get an assured 0.5kg Gold Coin”

This is an all-new low in the advertising industry. Using same stock image shows that brands are not much bothered about their Exclusivity in Print and their attention is moving towards Digital. The stock image must have been customised and it would have looked completely different from the original image.

Also, it gives us the best way of using stock images which is by combining our original photographed images with them.

We may call this lazy advertising, coincidence or multiple sale by a vendor but such acts should be avoided because it can defame any brand in quick time.

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