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Let’s Pledge To Make India COVID-19 Free With Suzuki Motorcycle India’s #ParkForFreedom Campaign

| Published on August 13, 2020

Saluting the spirit of India’s frontline Pandemic warriors, Suzuki Motorcycle India has launched Independence Day campaign. As a part of the campaign, SMIPL will post videos of the two wheelers on its official social media handles.

The campaign’s objective is to relieve some burden from the shoulders of our frontline warriors. It also consists of a digital film featuring Indian citizens revving their stationery vehicles and requesting people not to step outside their homes on 15th August unless it is absolutely essential. Our frontline warriors have been responsibly fighting the battle with Covid-19 and we can support them this Independence Day by staying at home. This is the best return gift we can offer them considering the current pandemic situation. The essential service providers and healthcare professionals have been source of strength and stability in these unprecedented times.

We have never seen a situation like this in our lives when the whole country has come together to fight against Covid-19. In this fight, frontline workers including doctors, police officers, social workers are the ones who are at the forefront risking their lives every day for our safety. While most of us are privileged to stay indoors and work from home, these warriors continue to perform their duty and ensure availability of essential services to the nation.

To salute their efforts, SMIPL has come out of this initiative #ParkForFreedom, requesting individuals to pledge to stay indoors this Independence Day and avoid going outside unless it is absolutely necessary.

Here’s how you can participate in this campaign:

  • To participate, you can upload a video on your social media handles pledging to Park For Freedom while parking your two-wheelers inside. Also, don’t forget to tag @suzuki2wheelers on FacebookInstagramTwitter along with #ParkForFreedom, #SuzukiIndia and #IndependenceDay 
  • Lucky winners will get a chance to get featured in Suzuki India’s Independence day film.

Clearly, this initiative is delivering Suzuki India’s support to those who are leading the country’s fight against COVID-19 so that we can ride again freely on roads.

So, express your gratitude towards the frontline workers by recording your message of solidarity and uploading videos using #ParkForFreedom, #SuzukiIndia and #IndependenceDay hashtags.

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