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Let’s Look At Deepika Padukone’s Famous Brand Endorsements That Reflects Her Stardom

| Published on January 5, 2019

Deepika Padukone, the Bollywood actress who was recently married turns 32 today! With the unmatchable charm that she entails, the global actress has acquired fame, name and a personality. She is one of the most successful Bollywood actresses who has had us in tears with her performances.

And not just an actor, her speech about how she was depressed and how she put up a strong front to fight it makes us believe in her and her vibe. These reasons become masterstrokes for brands and they have been taking advantage of it. And to her gift, Deepika ads this real life feel to all the advertisements she’s been a part of.

So without any delay, here are the brands Deepika had advertised for till date.

Tetley Green Tea

She was made the main face and focus of Tetley Green Tea in March 2018.

Nestle Fruita Vitals

Her first ad-film for Nestle Fruita Vitals appeared in September 2018.


Deepika’s commercial for Jio became very popular during India’s cricket season of 2018, The IPL.

L’Oreal Paris

In March 2017, Deepika became the Global Brand Ambassador for the French Company L’Oreal Paris.

All About You

Did you know that Deepika had her own fashion brand? If not, then now you do. And who else is better to be the Chief Endorser than her?

Axis Bank

Since 2014, Deepika has been the face of Axis Bank.

Jaguar Lighting

In 2017, Deepika became the Brand Ambassador to India’s largest Bath Fitting and Sanitary ware producer Jaguar Group.


So far, Deepika has been casted for two of Oppo’s commercials beside actor Sidharth Malhotra.

Royal Atoms

She became the brand ambassador for Royal Atoms paint in 2017.


Even though Deepika has been working for Tanishq for a long time now, in 2018 the brand launched a new line named Gulnaaz with her being its face.


Over the years, Deepika has been closely associated with the global brand Coca-Cola. Though she had to cut her ties with the brand before signing up with Tetley Green Tea.


Her Nescafe advertisements had all of us in awe. She probably was the best person for the brand. Specially the few Ads of her alongside Purab Kohli.

No, No this isn’t the end – Parachute hair oil, Close-up toothpaste, Pepsi, BSNL, Yamaha, and the list goes on and on! WIth the kind of fandom she holds, certainly, she has a lot more to bag in the near future

With this, we wish a joyous Happy birthday to this immensely talented and gorgeous actress.

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