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Let’s Explore The Worth History Of Oscar’s Lavish Gift Bag

| Published on March 17, 2023

Everyone brings something home from the Oscars. Not only the winners but even the nominees are awarded significant prizes. Gift bag! But it’s not just any bag—worth a million dollars!

The Oscars goodie bag is a lavish collection of consolation items presented to nominees who were unable to take home awards.

The news of India’s impressive Oscar victories kicked off the week. Whether it was The Elephant Whisperers or Naatu Naatu, both bring home the golden woman and were a pride for the nation. In addition to this information, another was circulating: the nominated gift bags for the Oscars were valued at Rs. 1 crore. You did read that correctly. Since 2002, the Oscar nominees in the major categories receive a goodie bag that is worth lakhs of rupees.

Marketing Mind examines the worth of Oscars gift bags in the past few years, as well as what the Oscars Goodie Bag for nominees includes.

2023 Gift Bag – ₹1.03 Crore

The gift bag from the 2023 Oscars has 60 items in total. These vary from a $9,000 (about Rs 7.3 lakh) three-night stay for eight people in an Italian lighthouse that has been repaired to a $40,000 (roughly Rs 32.7 lakh) trip to a 10-acre Canadian home called The Lifestyle.

2022 Gift Bag – ₹1.1 Crore

The goodie bag in 2022 includes items like a three-night stay at a palace or castle, a small plot of land in Scotland together with the title of “Lord” or “Lady,” a coupon for “arm liposuction”, and $25,000 worth of house modifications, among other things, and was valued at $137,000 or 1.1 crore.

2021 Gift Bag – ₹1.7 Crore

The 2021 goodie bag cost $205,000, or around 1.7 crores. It includes a free vacation to the Pater Noster Hotel, a former Swedish lighthouse that has been transformed into a five-star hotel, vitamin treatment for hangovers, a 24-karat vape pen, free private training, and liposuction sessions.

2020 Gift Bag – ₹1.8 Crore

The Oscars gift bag for 2020 is most likely the most expensive in recent memory. It cost $225,000, or around 1.85 crores, and includes a $78,000 cruise, a stay for eight people at a lighthouse in “La Canaria”, Spain, a $20 million annual subscription to a matching agency, and $30,000 worth of spa services.

2019 Gift Bag – ₹82 Lakh

The 2019 goodie bag cost $100,000, or around 82 lakh rupees.  It includes, among other things, a deluxe small-ship excursion of International Treks (with a choice of Amazon, Galapagos, Iceland, or Costa Rica-Panama voyages), a yearly VIP membership to MOTA – LA’s premier cannabis-friendly social club, private sessions with the top phobia expert in the world Kalliope Barlis for relief from phobias, and Yeti Coolers filled with Jarritos.

2018 Gift Bag – ₹82 Lakh

The value of the 2018 gift bag was in the six digits, at over 82 lakh. It contained, among other things, a one-week vacation in Hawaii, 12 nights in Tanzania, a rental of an opulent home in Greece, edible jewellery, pepper spray, and sweat patches for the underarms.

2017 Gift Bag – ₹82 Lakh

The lavish six-figure gift bag for 2017 includes a three-day mansion accommodation at the “Lost Coast Ranch ” in Northern California, a year’s worth of automobile rentals, a lifetime allocation of Lizora Pu-erh Tea Nourishing skin products, a pelvic exercise tracker, and a vaporizer.

2016 Gift Bag – ₹1.9 Crore

The gift bag, valued at $232,000 (about Rs. 1.9 crore), contained a Nuelle Fiera vibrator, a Haze vaporizer, a 10-day VIP vacation to Israel, a 15-day personal guided tour of Japan, laser therapies at 740 Park MD, and a Vampire breast lift.

2015 Gift Bag – ₹1.2 Crore

The bags contain a staggering assortment of wonderful benefits (free Silvercar Audi leases for a year), pretty bizarre services (a $20,000 astrological reading), and goodies that are probably never going to be consumed by an A-list celebrity ($800 personalised candy and dessert buffet).

In addition, they received a $12,500 glamping trip from Terravelo Tours, a $11,500 nine-night Italian holiday package, a Rocky Mountaineer train journey, $4,000 in botox, a $1,200 Matrone bike, non-invasive L.E.D. light treatment, and $25,000 in bespoke furniture for their Malibu home.

It’s called the “Everyone Wins” goodie bag. The gift bags are given to everyone nominated in the major categories of Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles-based firm that is not associated with the Oscars yet distributes the goodie bags to nominees, has been doing so since 2002.

Nominees have the choice to decline these gifts, and it’s not a mandate. In the past, many have opted out, typically due to tax considerations.

Which year’s Gift Bag is your favorite one? Let us know in the comment section.

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