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Let’s Come Forward & Help Manju To Live A Better Life

| Published on February 10, 2020

Children are always supposed to have fun in their lives till the time they come to an age where they begin to study and learn social behavior. But have you ever noticed the kids at traffic lights literally in rags asking for money?

It hurts the heart to see such beings living such miserable lives. In the age of playing with toys, some of the kids are being indulged in labor to bring home some money.

Manju – Igniting Hopes!

Meet Manju. A small baby girl to whom life did not allow a glimpse of her parents. Before she could consciously witness what parents’ love is, they left the world giving her to her grandmother.

Her grandmother works as a maid in various houses and cleans toilets to earn money for Manju’s education but she is not even able to make both ends meet at home. Manju is a very bright and talented kid who dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up.
We cannot take part in fulfilling the dreams of all the kids out there but we can contribute to at least some of them. So, why not come forward and add to funds that are being collected for Manju’s education and better life?
A campaign was run that helped accumulate around 25k within 3 days that helped Manju to buy clothes, healthy food and other required amenities of life. A huge help to her grandmother, as well.

Let’s come together and contribute to the money for Manju, a child with hopes and dreams in her eyes and the one who displays excellence when it comes to studies. Let’s show the world the kindness and humanity still exist.

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