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Some Lesser Known Facts About The Beverage Giant Coca-Cola

| Published on January 14, 2019

We all know that Coca-Cola is one of the leading brands in the world and probably everyone would have tasted it at least once. But there are facts about the fact that very few know, here is a look at those interesting facts


Although it was John S. Pemberton who invented Coca-Cola back in 1886, his bookkeeper Frank Robinson gave the name and also his handwriting and the way the brand name was scripted is used till date.

The original Coca-Cola contained about 9 milligrams of cocaine per glass and was also alcoholic. These substances were removed only in the year 1903. Thus initially Coca-Cola was launched more as a medicine than a refreshing beverage.

Coca-Cola is the most widely distributed product on the face of this earth, only two countries North Korea and Cuba aren’t allowed to purchase or sell Coca-Cola. Also, the Coca-Cola logo is the most recognizable logo in the world, with 96% of the population able to identify the same.


Coca-Cola has so many types of drinks that it would take a person drinking one a day over nine years to try them all and if every drop of Coke ever made were placed in 8-ounce bottles and laid end-to-end, the bottles would reach to the moon and back over 2,000 times.

Coke’s brand is worth over $83.8 billion, which is more than KFC, Subway, and Budweiser put together.

Mexicans drink more Coke than any other country in the world. Mexicans drink about 745 Coke beverages per year. Americans drink about 401 Coke products a year.

The name Coca-Cola comes from two of its original and probably the best kept secret ingredients: kola nuts and coca leaves.

A 12-ounce can of Coke has about 39 grams of total sugar, which is about 9 1/3 teaspoons of sugar.

Coke sold 25 bottles its first year. Today, it sells 1.8 billion bottles per day.

Coca-Cola owns over half of all soft drinks sold.

The shape of the Coca-Cola bottle is patterned after a cacao seed pod.

Coca-Cola is the largest user of cans in the United States. The company uses over 300,000 tonnes of aluminum sheet every year.

On average, over 10,000 soft drinks from Coca-Cola are consumed every second of every day globally.

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