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Learn How To Decline A Job Offer Politely

| Published on October 22, 2018

So you have been looking for a job desperately and now as luck would have it, you have landed up with not one but two offers in hand, or the job that you got revert from doesn’t meet your expectations. In such cases declining a job becomes important, but is always a task we dread. But here are some great tips to make the process easy for you.

Be honest

Honesty goes a long way, so try to be as honest as possible, with your reason for not accepting the offer. Thank the HR manager for their time and be upfront but polite with your rejection. Specify your reasons without going too much in details, but be open about them. Whether you have chosen other company for the sake of a better brand or better salary, state so. If the company doesn’t meet your expectations overall, then also politely let them know about the same.

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Don’t procrastinate

If you have taken a decision of not going ahead with a certain company, do not delay your response. It looks professional enough for you to inform the company in a timely manner so that even they can proceed further with their candidate search and not keep waiting for you.

Keep it to the point

Keep your reasoning short and simple, do not try to boast about your other offer, neither try and shower too many compliments to the company or its employees, as after all, you are rejecting them.

Be thankful

All through, try and maintain a tone of gratitude while you write your rejection letter. Be thankful enough to them for choosing your candidature.

Offer to stay in touch

If you feel that overall the company and the people were good, but you have a slightly better opportunity in hand, for now, offer to stay in touch. Share your contact information precisely and also try and get contact with the HR manager and the company officials. You might need these contacts for some future prospects. It’s called networking and there is no harm staying in touch.

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