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5 Features That Have Been Recently Launched By WhatsApp

These updates showcase WhatsApp's commitment to enhancing user experience and security.

| Published on November 7, 2023

Meta-owned WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app globally, has continued its commitment to user satisfaction by introducing five new features, enhancing functionality and security. These updates, initially available to beta users, showcase WhatsApp’s dedication to remaining user-friendly and innovative.

WhatsApp features

5 newly launched WhatsApp features

1. Multiple Accounts on One Device

WhatsApp now allows Android users to have two accounts logged in simultaneously, streamlining the experience for those juggling work and personal messaging. This feature eliminates the need to log out repeatedly or use two separate devices.

2. High-Quality Media Sharing for iOS Users

WhatsApp introduces a feature for iOS users to send photos and videos as documents, preserving their original quality. This functionality, already available on Android, facilitates sharing documents up to 2GB in size.

3. Enhanced Privacy with IP Address Protection

In the privacy settings, WhatsApp introduces an ‘Advanced’ section, offering a new ‘protect IP address in calls’ option. This ensures a more secure experience during voice and video calls, emphasizing user privacy.

4. Redesigned Interface (iOS)

A redesigned interface with new colors and icons has been introduced for a limited number of iOS users. The app now features a new green color as its main tint, providing a fresh and updated look.

5. Message Pinning for Easy Reference

Users can now pin messages within chats and groups, streamlining the process of highlighting important or frequently referenced messages. This new pinned message feature is accessible in the context message menu.


These features collectively contribute to WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and adapt to evolving communication needs. Whether it’s simplifying multitasking, preserving media quality, bolstering privacy measures, refreshing the interface, or improving message organization, WhatsApp continues to prioritize user satisfaction.

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