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Latest Trend On TikTok Has Everyone Quitting Their Jobs On Social Media

| Published on August 21, 2021

Of the most bizarre trends that social media has ever witnessed, #QuitMyJob has definitely been one which has been gaining a lot of attention with everyone following suit and recording themselves while they quit their jobs.

The trend of quitting their jobs online has made people celebrities.

Shana Blackwell, a Walmart employee, recently recorded a TikTok video of her quitting job while she used the Walmart Intercom System and spoke a lot which would otherwise not be appreciated about its employees and customers alike. In her viral video, she is being seen calling her co-workers out whom she didn’t like over the intercom and labelled some of them as “racist, stinky, and lazy.” At the end of it, she used a few more expletives which further solidified her view of the company. The video has been viewed over 35 million times. And although the video has been gaining mixed reactions, it’s still quite surprising to see someone get so many famous for quitting their jobs online.

Kyle Shute, a now ex-employee of Joystick Gaming and Collectables in a TikTok video expressed his displeasure of working at the company so much so that he went on to call out an employee’s affair as well as a co-worker who quite regularly stoles items from the snack machine before leaving from work.

It’s quite conflicting to see that a trend is being established of people quitting on social media and then becoming famous for the same because although it doesn’t cause any regret instantly, the fame garnered is quite short-lived. Moreover, the future employment opportunities would also prove to be tougher to land considering the history that they would depict. As much as showing the negative aspects of working at any given company does help others to know what it would be like, it represents bad faith and could leave a mark on anyone’s work ethic.

What are your views on this?

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