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This Latest Ad From Mahindra Truck & Bus Establishes Them As Kings Of Advertising

| Published on October 24, 2018

Brands have become very creative with their advertising campaigns as they know that the interest area of their audience has changed a lot. Mahindra Truck and Bus, which is Mahindra Group’s owned subsidiary is popular for creating trucks that are specifically designed for different applications and deliver outperformance whatever be the business needs. Along with quality products, another thing that makes this brand stand out from the crowd is advertising campaigns which always have something fresh for the audience.

To promote the launch of Mahindra BLAZO X which is their latest range of HCV trucks, Mahindra has released an advertisement featuring Ajay Devgan. BLAZO X vehicles have modern, new-age features which make them better than BLAZO. Also, these are more powerful, comfortable and have been designed to maximize the earnings of customers.

The ad starts with a fighting scene featuring Ajay Devgan, even after doing the scene with full energy, he asks for retakes until he meets perfection. Through this, Mahindra has delivered their brand’s message perfectly. BLAZO achieved success because of its powerful engine and mileage but Mahindra didn’t stop here and came up with better results in BLAZO X. The reason behind this that Mahindra wants to remain on the top by improving the products from time to time. For providing an alternative to BLAZO, it was important to design something that the outperform the previous one and it has been done perfectly with BLAZO X.

This ad all the ingredients of a successful advertisement- a unique idea, providing detailed information about the product in an engaging manner, featuring suitable celebrity and a lot more. Getting curious to see the whole ad, here it is;

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