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Lara Dutta Enters Entrepreneurship With A Beauty & Skincare Venture

| Published on November 26, 2019

The year 2000 was a lucky one for India, not only in terms of the positive changes in the economy but also its reputation in the world.

Yes, the women of Indian won three international titles, Lara Dutta won Miss Universe, Priyanka Chopra won Miss World and Dia Mirza won Miss Asia Pacific!

Infact, for Lara Dutta, the year 2000 was the year when things took a turn. She entered the Bollywood industry, worked in various hit films and has now officially entered the world of entrepreneurship as well.

Lara Dutta

What is up with Lara these days?

While Lara Dutta has been one of the few names who has continued to actively contribute to the pageant world in India, she is now being a mentor to the latest edition of Miss Diva, 8th edition, a platform via which India’s Miss Universe contestants are chosen.

This is an opportunity for her to make good use of her 19 years of experience, the lessons she has learned and observations she has made.

How have things changed over the years?

Well, Lara Dutta has always been vocal about her experience in the international competition in the year 2000. There was no social media, not a lot of grooming opportunities and the only learning opportunity was to look up past contestants.

However, now, there is a high need to impress audiences on all social media platforms, use the internet for better know-how and meet the constantly changing beauty industry standards. It isn’t about being slim, fair and size zero anymore, it’s more about awareness, knowledge, and confidence, that is what Lara Dutta is here to advocate and teach the contestants as a mentor.

What is her latest venture?

Lara Dutta is launching her own brand, Arias, which is an all-round skincare brand. It will cater to all kinds of women with different skin types, keeping all biases aside. It also assures that all working modern women have the time to take care of their skin and understand the importance of skincare via a simple routine, all thanks to Arias.

She is also entering the world of movie production after the first stint a while back. Her new film will happen soon where she focuses on the career of the Chattisgarh women’s basketball team and their success.

With so much in store, Lara is sure to shine in the future days, We wish her all the best with loads of success!

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