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Kunal Newar: The Success Journey Of Nationally-Known Magician And Mentalist

| Published on February 14, 2024

Kunal Newar: The Success Journey Of Nationally-Known Magician And Mentalist

Pursuing unorthodox career options in India takes guts. Although things have changed a lot since the growth of the internet, still one has to go through so many unknown situations that are challenging for anyone. And today, we are sharing the journey of popular magician and mentalist Kunal Newar, which will encourage you to follow your dreams.

About Kunal Newar

Magician And Mentalist Kunal NewarKunal Newar has been practicing the art of mentalism professionally for almost a decade now. He is among the very few mentalists whose tricks have surprised the biggest celebrities in India, including some famous YouTubers.

Kunal’s background

At the age of 11, Kunal began learning about magic tricks. His father gave him his first magic kit, and that’s when the adventure started. His very first mentalist act was intended for his close friends and family. Drawing inspiration from his extensive reading of books on human psychology and body language, Kunal built an entire show of his own.

Kunal discovered the fundamentals of magic and mentalism through literature. After watching DVDs of well-known magicians and mentalists, conducting additional studies, and learning about all the resources accessible, Kunal became a true expert in mentalism. “Starting to read the basics of mentalism is the best way to learn it,” asserts Kunal.

Misconceptions around Mentalism

Mentalism is a subject that has many misconceptions aligned with it. Talking about the experience of people after seeing his acts, Kunal says, “You can see the child-like amazement that comes from inside, seeing the wonders happening. It is truly priceless. Even if I inform them that what I perform is only a combination of techniques, the majority of people still think that what I do is real. Some even bring up their extensive life difficulties. I just make an effort to assist them as much as I can without actually abusing the things that I do. Because I’m not an astrologer or someone who can see the future, and this is just an art form meant for pure entertainment.”

Kunal’s achievements

Magician And Mentalist Kunal Newar holding cards with Ace card being visible

In 2018, Kunal was featured in ‘India’s Got Talent‘, where he wowed the judges with his incredible illusion and mind-reading abilities. Kunal has also been a part of popular shows like Pune’s Got Talent, North East Got Talent, and he has made appearances on numerous national TeleTalk shows, including the most esteemed TED Talks.

He has expressed his skills at renowned colleges, celebrities’ parties, and some of the nation’s top corporate events.

In addition to being a magician or mentalist, Kunal Newar also teaches the art of magic and mentalism to individuals of all ages, assisting them in developing their confidence and personalities.

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