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KOSH Launches ‘Roti Donation Drive’ on World Food Day

| Published on October 19, 2018

KOSH Oats by Future Consumers announces ‘Roti Donation Drive’ a special initiative which starts on World Food Day. Scheduled from 16th October onwards, KOSH Oats will conduct the drive with Salaam Balaak Trust, an NGO dedicated to provide shelter, food and education for children. Through the Roti Donation Drive, KOSH invites its consumers to be a Roti Donor and donate ‘Re.1’ by visiting any Big Bazaar store in the country. Re.1 is equivalent to 1 Roti and consumers can voluntarily donate as many rotis as they want at the Big Bazaar cashier.

KOSH will collect all the proceedings received from 260 plus Big Bazaar stores and will donate the entire amount to the NGO. Additionally, KOSH will match the contribution by also donating KOSH Oats + Wheat Atta worth the same amount that has been collected to the NGO. Reaching out to many consumers, KOSH invites all its consumers to retweet and share the message on their social media platforms. Against each retweet or share KOSH will donate atta equivalent to 1 Roti to Salaam Baalak Trust.

Sharing his views on the drive Sadashiv Nayak, CEO – Food Business – Future Group said,

“It is heartbreaking to see millions of children starve with no food. With the help of Salaam Baalak, we will try and feed as many kids as possible with a healthier meal. This drive is a small gesture from us and I would like to urge our consumers to help us help those in need.”

Not only this, select Big Bazaar stores in the country will place live roti making counters which will be open to the public. Consumers can participate in the drive by making fresh rotis, which will be given to the NGO. Salaam Baalak Trust will distribute all the food gathered from the drive to the children.

So visit your nearest Big Bazaar and donate generously so that everyone gets a healthy roti.

About KOSH

KOSH is the ingenious makeover and assimilation of oats into your everyday food without compromising on taste. Using the diverse product formats from KOSH such as Oats Atta, Broken Oats, Wheat + Oats Atta & Instant Oats, you can incorporate KOSH into everyday meals; be it roti, paratha, upma, khichdi, idli, cheela, kheer, halwa, barfi and much more! With KOSH, you can use your creativity & imagination to play with everyday dishes and flavors of your choice.

Kosh has been introduced by Future Consumer Limited. Future Consumer Limited is India’s first sourcing –to – supermarket food & FMCG Company from Future Group. We believe, that we have created products that have helped our consumers live a better lifestyle. Future Consumer Ltd is a part of Future Group.

About Future Consumer Limited (FCL)

FCL is India’s first sourcing-to-supermarket food company by Future Group and is built on the virtue of sharing. Starting from the seeding of food at the farm to consumption from the plate, FCL acts as a catalyst for each of its stakeholders. From sourcing, processing, retailing to final act of consumption – FCL strikes a widespread cord between the lives of the farmer, a factory laborer, a worker on the shop floor and the housewife.

Food means sharing in India. It starts at the farms where neighbors, kith and kin join hands in tilling, sowing and harvesting of crops. Women come together to further process and prepare food. Recipes are passed down as heirlooms, shared by friends and neighbors and now on television by celebrity chefs. Under FCL’s spectrum, the company sources best quality commodities from world over, comprises of extensive portfolio of established brands in food and HPC space, builds urban convenience store for key metros and cash-n-carry rural distribution models for other cities across India. (Integrated front end to back end). Below you can get social media accounts of KOSH Oats;


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