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Kolkata Shop Goes Viral For Selling Sweet Named ‘Immunity Sandesh’

| Published on June 13, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic on the rise, people have been trying to switch to healthier ways of living in order to ensure that they remain immune to the disease. While there are plenty of precautionary tools such as face masks and hand sanitizers, a stronger immunity with a healthy diet has become pretty popular.

Recently, s sweet shop in Kolkata has come up with a new sweet for its customers and named it as ‘Immunity Sandesh‘. Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick, one of the oldest sweet shops in the city has come up with the “Immunity Sandesh” made up of fifteen herbs and spices.

Immunity Sandesh consists of the ingredients including turmeric, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon saffron, black cumin, Mulethi, bay leaves, honey, and a few others.

Kolkata's famous sweets shop makes Immunity Sandesh by using 15 ...

Sudipta Mullick, the owner of the sweet shop, has said,

Immunity is the only way we can fight coronavirus. There is no vaccine yet, so we have come up with this sweet that is made of 15 different spices. Each Sandesh costs Rs 25.

While talking about the specific ingredients used in the mithai, Sudipta said they have consulted with the experts as per ingredients are concerned.  Sudipta also shared that the best part about the mithai is that it is sugar-free. Immunity Sandesh is purely made out of Himalaya honey.

The mithai has become pretty popular amongst the locals and with the national coverage it is receiving it may soon be in demand all over.

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