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Kolkata Couple Creates Waves In Luxury Clothing Industry With Huedee

| Published on August 31, 2021

The Past

In 2015, when Ahana and Yash Agarwal opened a drive-in joint selling burritos and desserts in Kolkata, little did they know that a tie-n-dye brand would make them well-known in the fashion circuit. Coming from business families, this husband and wife team were no short of support. However, due to unavoidable circumstances and challenges, they had do shut their first venture. However, that didn’t deter the this couplepreneur. They embarked on another journey and this time, their next startup- Huedee, an exclusive tie and dye luxury label is making waves with innovative products in its kitty.

The Present

Both, Yash and Ahana are fond of fashion which makes them compatible even on the business front. Also, their grasp over buyer preferences helped them in bringing about unique designs in all of its product range, making the brand well-accepted by all. Yash, being the head of the creative department, started a website, displaying all their offered items and kick-starting sales, targeting men and women between 15-39 years of age whereas Ahana handled communications for the same.

Online campaigns helped them gain mileage and spreading publicity through word-of-mouth reaped immense benefits. They organized exhibitions and actively took part in flea markets across metro cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru. They got some amazing responses from clients with their quirky and special range of products that had socks, customized towels, caps, headbands and coordinated sets.

Tie-and-dye has always been about freedom of expression and bringing out one’s individuality. Huedee, was started with a philosophy of inspiring and connecting with free-spirited minds as well as raising awareness about freedom and equality. Their product range is very wide and has something for everyone, at the same time being exclusive too. Though it primarily sells through its own website, one can find Huedee products on Amazon, LBB and MensXP too. On foreign soil, Huedee has competition from brands like Urban Outfitters and Hollister, whereas in India, tie-and-dye products are available on Myntra, Zara and Only too.

They have also pledged support to Trijog, a mental care and holistic wellness organization, offering services along with discounts. The couple truly believes in the Make In India concept and have sourced the entire product material from Indian vendors. Every design and product is personally looked into by Yash, thereby ensuring its distinctiveness.

The Future

With an increase in demand, the brand is venturing into production too. They plan to set-up a mini factory to meet demand, raise awareness and spread their message of having a free-spirited attitude, individuality and freedom.

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