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Know The Indian Startup Behind Amazon’s E-Rickshaw

| Published on January 22, 2020

The viral ad of Jeff Bezos driving the E-Rickshaw threw various shades of interest leaving the mango public enigmatic. The really cool Electric Autorickshaw happens to be the creation of Hyderabad-based Gayam Motor Works.

The company did their work with full effort and enthusiasm in the fantasy of adding to the technology of the world but they never dreamt of Jeff himself driving the vehicle till the time the video got viral.
gayam motor works

GMW Succeeded Building Electric Rickshaw For The Fastest Delivery System In India!

Gayam Motor Works was established in the year 2011. The team includes two brothers Raja and Rahul and a friend of theirs named Sri Harsha Bavirisetty. They have been at service for Amazon (Hyderabad) for the last 1 year for this project. Jeff is enough overwhelmed with the product to have been involved in the plan of larger deployment.

“We will be soon deploying the next phase in Bangalore. We are in the process of closing the deal”, quoted Raja.

The brand is getting abundant attention from successful businesses. They have already been previously working with names such as BigBasket, BlueDart, Groffers, etc. In fact, BigBasket was their first client who got 20 vehicles successfully delivered by GMW in Gurgaon (2017).
gayam motor works

GMW’s Progressive Growth!

By now, the company has already produced and transported around 750 E-Rickshaws to various brands on trial basis. BigBasket’s current GMW cart has around 1500 more pending product deliveries whereas Flipkart ordered 700.

“Usually electric vehicles are more popular as e-rickshaws for short travel distance travel, but when it comes to last mile delivery or replacing the traditional auto rickshaw, it still hasn’t been done”, mentioned Raja.

The technology of this world is becoming greater and greater every single day and all the brilliant minds are on to making life chores easier!
Source: BusinessInsider

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