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Know About The People Behind Amul’s Creative Trending Ads

| Published on June 3, 2018

Amul is not only famous for its quality dairy products, it’s the interactive trending ads that make the company stand out from the crowd. Amul’s ads is an inspiration for every marketer and today we are sharing the manpower behind the popular Amul advertisements.


The main people who are involved in making Amul ads are Rahul daCunha, creative head of ad-agency daCunha Communications, copywriter Manish Jhaveri and Jayant Rane, who has been sketching Amul cartoons for more than 25 years now.

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Sylvester daCunha was the man who created the Amul girl. This happened after Amul decided to hire Advertising and Sales Promotion (ASP) named company to promote their products and Sylvester was the managing director of the agency at that time. He along with Eustace Fernandez, art director planned to create something that could grab the attention of Indian housewives. In order to do so, they designed a girl mascot which was easy to draw and remember.


Rahul and Jhaveri start the day by reading the morning papers and checking the major controversies such as scams, strikes, sports and so on. Mr. Rane, the illustrator, starts to sketch it in the form of tribute cartoon and Mr. Jhaveri looks for the Hindi words that relate to the topic.

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This process is being used for years and the only thing that has changed is the number of creatives they produce in a week. In earlier days only one hoarding was created in every two weeks and today, because of the high demand, five to six ads are made every week. Interestingly, these guys exchange all their ideas over phone calls, text messages and e-mail. It is a rare sight if you see them working together in a room.


Indian society has changed a lot in all these years and the ad creators keep the political, cultural and social landscape in their mind to get the maximum response from audience. Also, the team is now more careful in making these ads.

DaCunha Communications works with some other clients also including NDB Bearings and Camlin but most of the time is given on preparing ads for Amul.

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