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Know How This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakh Per Hour By Playing Video Games Online

| Published on February 24, 2018

The internet has changed the way we live our lives. It has contributed in our present lifestyle in many ways. The online world has created so many new options for people to earn money and live a comfortable life. Playing online games is considered as a bad habit as it is very addictive but, what if we tell you that there are people who get paid for that. Feeling jealous, aren’t you?

An Australian girl named Chelsea is living her dreams by playing online games. She has obtained a degree in agriculture but her love for computers and gaming but her choose the different path. After doing graduation, Chelsea was looking for ways to earn money when she came to know about the online gaming business. She plays games and earns about Rs 8 lakh in an hour.

Me n my girllllll! Live streaming now team 😘❤

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You must be wondering now that how she is making so much money. Well, she gets paid for the advertisements that are shown during her live gaming streaming. For watching her play online users pay for the subscriptions and many popular companies are paying her for playing games made by them.

It is a win-win situation for both sponsors and Chelsea as companies attract target audience from her live streaming and she gets money to fulfil her desires. Chelsea has over 46.6 lakh followers on Instagram and she earns additional money from sponsored posts on Instagram too.

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