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Know How Britannia Is Helping Homemakers To Start Their Own Business

| Published on February 18, 2019

The world today is a leading area that recognizes the needs of the people and wishes to fulfill them in diverse ways in accordance with their affordability and convenience. While many firms have taken to this concept worldwide, Indian firms too don’t want to be lacking behind.

Let’s take a peek inside how Britannia contributed to the women entrepreneurship in our country to raise the economy alongside helping women homemakers to accomplish their dreams.

Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup

In 2018, BIL recognized the urgent need to assist homemakers in attaining their aspirations by employing them in their firm through an initiative called ‘Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup.’ This campaign was held in 2018 and gained immense recognition. This was a promotional campaign and soon it was able to build a Rs.1 Crore purse for the same purpose.

Britannia Industries Ltd, started reading applications of more than a million women homemakers who aspire to accomplish the goals that come beyond family and home. The survey report said that there were innumerable women who were searching for businesses apart from doing their daily household chores.

The results that followed last month said that as much as 48% of the respondents of the survey dreamt of having their own business and half of them were struggling to start. Among the registrations, the Top two states were Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

BIL will shortlist 50 women from whom 10 would be selected for getting ₹10 lakh each to launch their businesses,” Mr. Ali said to Hindu embracing aspirant women in the society.

A genuine initiative to empower women

We chose the 60-year old Marie Gold due to its association with the homemakers as a buyer as well as a consumer. We felt that there has a been significant evolution in the way a woman looks at things now.. she is now looking beyond the home.. she now has her own dreams,” Ali Harris Shere vice-president, marketing Britannia, stated The Hindu.

Well! Britannia has taken a very impressive step indeed by breaking through the stereotypical idea that women homemakers are only expected to be working at home. Although it has made India proud we hope this lasts for long and truly attains the goal we are expected to notice. It will really make a massive difference in the state of society and help in the raising of India’s economy very well.

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