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KitKat Celebrates Cricket World Cup Fever In India With #FingersCrossed Campaign

| Published on October 18, 2023

The ICC Cricket World Cup is back, and it has brought back a feeling of enthusiasm and unity among Indian fans. Celebrating the spirit of cricket lovers and supporting team India’s victory, KitKat has announced a refreshing campaign, #FingersCrossed.

Capturing the passion of Indians for the biggest event of the year, KitKat has taken a unique approach to connect with the fans on a deeper level.

As a part of this campaign, the brand has launched a video that perfectly resonates with the excitement, the hope, the anticipation, and the nervousness of fans.

The video is a clever blend of moments from the lives of people all across the country going about with their daily lives, but now crossing fingers for India. Have a look:

Not only this, KitKat has launched a dedicated pack for this campaign that has creatively twisted KitKat bars resembling crossed fingers.

The central theme of this campaign is to represent what the Cricket World Cup means for us. The campaign is bound to create a buzz as the tournament progresses with the ups and downs that team India is going to face.

What are your thoughts about this campaign? Share your views in the comment section.

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