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Kitkat Gets An Exciting Make Over

| Published on September 15, 2019

If only all the many reasons were not enough Kitkat has now added another four us to munch on them more! 

Nestle’s star product Kitkat is all set to get a environment friendly make over with Nestle Japan announcing its decision of ditching the traditional plastic wrapping and opting for the recyclable origami paper wrapping for the product. 

An additional treat for the Kitkat lovers will be that they will now be able to make origami cranes out of the packaging with the help of the instructions that will come with the bar of happiness. 

According to Unilad, KitKat’s parent company had revealed in January that it would be committing to exclusively using 100% recyclable packaging for its products by 2025. 

The most popular KitKat mini flavours will be the first to launch with the reusable packaging- this includes the original flavour, matcha, and oton ano amasa (a dark, bitter chocolate whose name means ‘sweetness for adults’).

Interestingly Japan is also currently the largest consumer of Kitkat and sells 4 million bars everyday and the initiative is likely to cut down the use of 380 tons of plastic per year. 

The company will reportedly begin making the switch later this month. 

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