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3 minutes read

KFC Makes Fun Of McDonald’s in Trump-Inspired Tweet, Fans Are Loving It

| Published on January 4, 2018

The president of US, Donald Trump is very popular for his unique tweets. But this time fast food chain KFC is creating a buzz on internet with a tweet that is going viral very fast. The fast food giant slammed its rival- McDonald’s in a tweet inspired by Donald Trump’s “nuclear button” one. This is what Trump tweeted

KFC’s was quick to take the advantage of the situation and mocked McDonald’s with a amazing tweet.

Twitterati loved it so much they’ve retweeted it more than 125,000 times already. KFC fans had a lot to say about this tweet and many are waiting for McDonald’s reply over this.

I’m going to KFC today just to honor how great this tweet is

What an excellent tweet!

So funny and creative!!

Waiting for McDonald’s reply

This is actually the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Like so many Twitter users, we are also waiting how McDonald’s responds to this.

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