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KFC & Crocs Team Up To Launch ‘Fried Chicken Themed Crocs’; Goes Viral Instantly

| Published on February 17, 2020

Brand collaborations are pretty common nowadays. But unexpectedly, two brands that have joined hands recently are KFC & Crocs. Yes, you’ve heard that right. The fried chicken Giant & and the footwear king have together brought something so unique that it did come as a surprise to many.

During the New York Fashion Week, the brands have introduced ‘Bucket Clogs’ which are a limited edition pair of soles covered in a fried chicken print.

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KFC tweeted a video of the shoe being fried in the kitchen with the caption, “Introducing the official Kentucky Fried Chicken licensed proprietary footwear made in collaboration with @crocs. Do not eat. Coming Spring 2020.”

The shoes come in two unisex versions, the Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs Bucket Clog, a sky-high, platform style, and the Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs Classic Clog, which features a low-to-the-ground sole. Both options have the iconic red-striping that resembles KFC’s chicken bucket and is topped with a print of the Colonel’s famous fried chicken.

Not just that, the fried chicken is a scented 3D fried chicken charm. The charms were specially designed to look like drumsticks.

The new product has polarised the internet that we can totally understand. Some are simply repelled by the thought of your footwear looking as well as smelling like your favorite fried chicken. While some are super excited that their two favorite brands have come together.

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