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Following The “Funeral” For Fries, KFC Canada Issues An Apology To Utensils

KFC Canada launches a fresh campaign extending apologies to spoons, forks, and knives abandoned by its delectably Finger Lickin' good food.

| Published on August 26, 2023

KFC is popular in the advertising world for its interesting and unique campaigns. The brand knows how to create a buzz time to time among its target audience.

Recently, KFC Canada went viral on social media because of an unconventional campaign where the brand took feedback about its fries and turned it into a quirky ad.

Now, the brand is once again getting attention on social media as KFC Canada has launched another quirky ad.
This time, the brand is using humor and extending an “apology” to utensils. The new campaign showcases individuals enjoying KFC food using their hands, while utensils like forks and spoons are left untouched.

In the video, people are praising KFC’s food offerings while neglecting utensils due to the delicious taste. The presentation, camera angles, everything in this video perfectly engages the audience. You can watch the ad below:

Popular music and commercial director, Henry Scholfield, has lead this campaign, supported by the iconic track “All Out of Love” from Air Supply. Courage is the creative agency behind executing this campaign.

In addition to digital platforms, the campaign has been extended to out-of-home (OOH) advertising, to amplify the reach and impact beyond the initial video ad.

Also, the campaign perfectly aligns with the tagline, “Apologies to utensils, it’s so good you’ll want to lick your fingers.

Overall, the campaign highlights how people get completely involve in eating, when the food is delicious. Also, KFC has showcased the preference for using fingers over utensils is positioned as a testament to the exceptional quality KFC chicken.

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