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Kerela’s 19 Year Old Finds His Place In Facebook’s Bug Bounty Hall Of Fame

| Published on June 7, 2019

Despite the biggest efforts put by the major tech companies to avoid glitches and bugs in their products, they seem to always find a way to arrive which is exactly why the companies are now hiring and recognising the efforts of bug bounty hunters. 

Facebook recently recognised the contributions of a local bug bouty hunter from Kerela who spotted a major flaw in WhatsApp that could allow a hacker to completely extract files on the messaging app without the users knowledge.

Not only did Ananthakrishna inform the company about the bug but also suggested them a possible fix which was then taken into consideration. 

Exactly 2 months after studying and fixing he bug Facebook now has decided to award the 19 year old B-tech student with $500for his find and a spot in their bug bounty hall of fame. 

According to reports, Ananthakrishna is quite talented when it comes to coding and is also reportedly working with the Kerala Police Cyberdome, a research and development centre for the local police.

Well kudos to you Ananthakrishna! You’re sure making us all proud! 

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