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Kerala Tourism Tweeted A Photo Of ‘Aviyal’, Gets Brutally Trolled In Response

| Published on December 15, 2018

Kerala Tourism’s tweet on the Avial, a traditional dish from the state, has caused quite an outrage on Twitter as people are writing negative comments and trolling the admins of the official account.

Aviyal is a popular household dish in Kerala, which is made using vegetables and coconut paste, combined with curry leaves and coconut oil. You can get an idea from the image given below:

This is what Kerala Tourism posted:

Within minutes, there was a flurry replies to the tweet. The post evoked a strong response from Malayalis, to say the least.

Taking the criticisms in right spirit, the Kerala Tourism has replied with a tweet saying Now that’s a sticky Aviyal situation!
Coincidentally, the native expression for ‘messing up’ bears the same name as this wonderful dish.

But keep your palate ready for tomorrow as we are not done here. Sweet dreams.

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